Thursday, 28 February 2013

Minutes from February 5, 2013 Meeting

Attendance; Rita Pallisco, Vicky Walker, Danielle Bonnevie, Kelly Russett, Monica Corazza,
Emily Stramacchia, Romina Tortola, Josephine Zappa, Lisa Saab, Michelle Grineau, Kelly

Meeting Called to Order at 6:35 by Kelly Russett

Minutes from January approved by Emily Stramacchia, Seconded by Josephine Zappa

Vicky opened with a prayer

 President s  Report

   Concerns brought to the attention of our PAC president regarding the parkway
construction (Pollution/Traffic). Kelly wrote to the DRIC inc and received a response that basically addressed the fact that there was no more damage done than normal. No Noise barrier is necessary or warranted.  Rita and Vicky stated that once the construction continues and is more visible toward the students, reminders about safety and stranger danger will continue. Environmental contact is KATIE DICKS – 1-877-937-5929
   Teresa Tomeo was well received from the Holy Names family of schools. She is scheduled to return in April to continue discussions of Media Influences, however it will be a parent only evening.

 Treasurer s  Report

   Balance as of January 31 $23 433.18 Only thing to still be removed from account
is the $600 for the two schools from Christmas time.

 Principals  Report

   OLMC blog is up and running (411 visits to date)
   Reports go home, followed by Parent-Teacher interviews Feb 7th
   P.A Day – staff is receiving training in Mental Health issues in children (focus: Anxiety), bullying and accessibility for school communities
   3 new moms on staff: Mrs. Prestia (girl), Mrs. Bakic (boy) and Mrs. Keane (son)
   Ms. Massara – recovering from surgery
   JK registration is in planning mode. All suggestions were considered and are used for the new JK registration format. Idea: Passport to Education.

Mascot, choir, iPad station and Translators are all expected to create a welcoming environment.
   Ash Wednesday – launch of coin drive for a school in Tanzania. Mass is at 2:00pm
   Basket Bonanza will return the week before Easter
   3 issues of Bullying from Dec-Jan  Dealt with by administration
   Walking path b/w our yard and Mitchell Cres to be checked by City for safety of students (Icy) – call 311 if dangerous

Other News

   WWJD – Wednesdays
   Vicky Walker is in process of going through Grant information and begin application process (TD, Toyota, Scotts Miracle Grow)
   Craft Club – 136 kids in total HUGE SUCCESS
   Discussion held about SK readiness for Gr 1due to conversations on the street about Full Day Learning. Concluded with discussion is welcomed by JK/SK teachers once a time is scheduled
   Lice? – if a student is affected, note is sent to entire class and Rita checks class and siblings.
   Sanitation of desks at lunchtime? – discussion about handwashing importance.
   Sign In + Visitor Sticker is still in force
   Fundraising committee is still meeting in order to create opportunities to raise funds in order to improve our school yard
   To encourage a positive cougar attitude / Future Possibilities:
   Valentine Father Daughter Dance – 2014
   Teacher/Parent Events (games, etc...)

Meeting called to a close by Emily Stramacchia Seconded by Lisa Saab 8:05 pm