Monday, 18 November 2013

Pizza Lunches

2nd Pizza Lunch of the Year

Our next Pizza Lunch will be this Wednesday November 20th.  
Thank you to all our OLMC families for making this fundraiser a success.  Last month 77 Pizzas and 410 cinnamon sticks were supplied by Capri Pizzeria.

Thank you to all volunteers behind the scenes collecting and counting the orders and those who volunteer their time to come out to serve the pizza.  A special thanks to all staff and students for their continued support of this fundraiser.

A special thanks, to Kelly and Mary Anne, who just this year retired their duties as Volunteer Pizza Lunch Organizers.  Well over 800 pizzas were served by these two ladies last year alone.  Thank you for your years of commitment to OLMC.  

For those parents who wish to volunteer for Pizza Lunch or Craft Lunches, please leave your name and number at the office.  

Thank you OLMC CSAC (Catholic School Advisory Council)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

CSAC – Catholic School Advisory Committee

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Minutes of Meeting: Monday October 7, 2013

Attendees (In order of Sign In): Kevin Bellaire (Principal), Vicky Walker (Vice Principal), Kelly Marietti, Diane Luu, Claudia Armstrong, Monica Corazza, Josephine Zappa, Jennifer Pavao, Emily Stramacchia, Michelle Grineau, Gloria DiMario, Lisa Saab

ABSENT: Shannon Coulson (teacher rep), Candice Fader

 6:05 – meeting called to order.  Vicky Walker began with a prayer
Kevin Bellaire addressed issues regarding the elected chair (Monica Corazza).  Due to a conflict of interest (a board employee), two co-chairs were elected to work collaboratively on CSAC – Emily Strammachia and Kelly Marietti.  This amendment would replace the position of Vice-Chair for the year, and bylaws would be addressed next meeting.  Monica Corazza has accepted the position of secretary (formerly Kelly Marietti’s position).  All in attendance agreed with the change.  Passed

Minutes Reviewed- some changes to corrected – Halloween Social from 2012 has an overall loss of $75.00 due to the $500 deposit for the 2013 Halloween social.

-       Kevin Bellaire is the new principal – not “present”

After those changes, the minutes were approved unanimously and Accepted.

Principal Report – OLMC is up to 8 buses this year (from 7 last school year) and we are using two different companies.  Some glitches are still being worked on (parents trying to cut through parked busses, parents trying to cut off busses at dismissal), but with time and monitoring, dismissal is improving

-       Tree plant by landscaping company (Classic Landscaping, uncle of Saab family)

Will occur on Wednesday Oct 16, and the school wide tree plant will happen (with assistance of ERCA and Mrs Geffs) on October 17.  The morning is the plant and the afternoon is slotted for mulching.  The specific details have yet to be finalized. The City of Windsor is currently being contacted to deliver tree logs for seating of the outdoor classroom.  DAD’s are being encouraged to help pound in the posts from 3:30 until done.

-       Thursday prior to Thanksgiving is the Mass at school.

-       OLMC has been informed that an audit will be held during the near future.  All fiscal information must be disclosed (including CSAC)  Josie Zappa has passed all documents to Mrs Walker on behalf of OLMC

-       PA Day – October 11th (teachers are off site, support staff on site)

-       October 29th – Cross Country Meet at 10:00 am – 12:30 pm at Malden Park

-       October 30th – Bus Evacuation Drill for entire student population

-       November 4th – Epi Pen on-site training for staff

-       November 11th- Progress Reports going home

-       November 13th – Parent-Teacher interviews

-       4 students have received IPADs for their academic success.  Mr Angus and classroom teacher will help with the transition

-       November 6th – ENWIN utilities will be doing 4 presentations (Grade appropriate) regarding conservation and safety of our utilities


Treasurer’s Report – as of 30/09/2013 (Prepared by Josie Zappa)

Balance (as of Sept 30, 2013)             $14, 387.34

Books Balance                                       $15, 550.34

Outstanding chq #65 (minuteman press)     78.82
Outstanding deposit (HST rebate)     $  1, 241.82
                                                           $14, 387.34

Mr Kevin Bellaire had clarified the role of CSAC – an advisory panel of parents that will assist by acting in the best interest of our schools.  All decisions must be approved by the principal (on behalf of WECDSB) after careful discussion with CSAC.  We are to work as a team.

Pizza Lunches

Michelle Grineau is organizing volunteers for the Wednesday Pizza lunches.

-       501/640 students participated in Pizza Lunches

-       SCAC will cover the cost for 5 students who need financial assistance. Those student names will not be made public.

It was agreed as a council to welcome all parents who are willing to assist (with last year records as well) to help. No criminal record checks needed because there is not a direct interaction with student. Harvest Fresh will also have volunteers helping in classrooms in order to speed up the process to ensure that teachers get their 40 minutes of lunch.  Craft Lunches do require a police record check.

Harvest Fresh – Emily Strammachia will be collecting and tallying Harvest Fresh orders.  Kevin has requested a breakdown and Emily will ask Harvest Fresh for documents.

Hallowe’en Social Report (Lisa Saab)

-       Flyers to go out this week $16/adult  $8/student   Under 3 = free
-  the MAGIC CLOSET is donating a party as a door prize
-       Cupcakes are needed (Betty Crocker + frosted prior to party)
-       Linda D’Alosio will be decorating and setting up hall
-       DeGooey’s nursery is able to get us pie pumpkins at $1.00 / pumpkin. Motioned by Emily Stramacchia to purchase them on behalf of CSAC, seconded by Jen Palko – Passed Unanimously
-       Suggestions made to ensure that music is appropriate (radio versions)
-       Donations are STILL WELCOMED (Diane Luu was able to bring in 2)
-       Jen + Kelly asked for $150 allowance for basket raffle (as last year)  Motioned by Kelly M, Seconded by Josie Z - Passed Unanimously

Bylaws & Principal Profile

The Council was given a drafted bylaw document to review (a collaborative document from various Catholic schools) and change or alter as we see necessary next meeting.  A Principal Profile update is also required and Mr Kevin Bellaire will look into this to find OLMC’s past document to model.

 The secretary will attempt to send out the draft minutes with ample time to correct it in order for each monthly meeting to review and accept the minutes as presented.

Other Business

 Spitfire Day – January 16, 2014

-       Ideas of 28 students carrying the flag and perhaps the choir singing

-       5:30 pm tailgate room (DRY EVENT) with pizza, snacks and pop

-       Ticket sales begin at end of NOVEMBER

 Bestseller Books were presented as a fundraising ideas.

 Meetings 1x/month – TUESDAYS – 6:00pm

 Next Meeting: Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 Motion to Adjourn – Jennifer Palko, Seconded by Lisa Saab   8:05p.m.


Hallowe'en FunFest Video