Monday, 18 November 2013

Pizza Lunches

2nd Pizza Lunch of the Year

Our next Pizza Lunch will be this Wednesday November 20th.  
Thank you to all our OLMC families for making this fundraiser a success.  Last month 77 Pizzas and 410 cinnamon sticks were supplied by Capri Pizzeria.

Thank you to all volunteers behind the scenes collecting and counting the orders and those who volunteer their time to come out to serve the pizza.  A special thanks to all staff and students for their continued support of this fundraiser.

A special thanks, to Kelly and Mary Anne, who just this year retired their duties as Volunteer Pizza Lunch Organizers.  Well over 800 pizzas were served by these two ladies last year alone.  Thank you for your years of commitment to OLMC.  

For those parents who wish to volunteer for Pizza Lunch or Craft Lunches, please leave your name and number at the office.  

Thank you OLMC CSAC (Catholic School Advisory Council)