Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November Minutes

Our Lady of Mount Carmel – Catholic School Advisory Committee

Draft Minutes : November 6, 2013

Attendees (in order of sign in sheet): Monica Corazza, Shannon Coulson (teacher rep), Vicky Walker (VP), Josephine Zappa, Michelle Grineau, Diane Luu, Emily Stramacchia, Kelly Marietti, Jennifer Palko, Claudia Armstrong, Gloria DiMario, Kevin Bellaire, Candice Fader

ABSENT: Lisa Saab, Jennifer Pavao

6:08 – Meeting called to order.  Vicky began with a prayer

Agenda – Approved by Josie Zappa.  Seconded by Claudia Armstrong

Minutes from October - Approved by Emily Stramacchia.  Seconded by Josie Zappa

Principal’s Report – Kevin Bellaire

·         Outdoor Classroom and Blessing Ceremony

Very smooth plant day.  ERCA was outstanding.  Father Mike and Mr Mike Seguin (superintendent) were in attendance.  Jan Geffs did a tremendous amount of work on the school end to plan and organize the day of the plant and the ceremony.

·         Bus evacuation was successful and ran smoothly with so many buses available.

·         Numeracy Pals PILOT began at OLMC on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school (for grade 3 and 4 students).  Presented by a trained tutor volunteer.  Must present program as instructed.  Numeracy pals goes for six week long rotation.  Partners are made based on abilities, not grade. Questions presented by CSAC – is long division being presented?  Review of material – Mr Bellaire will look into the presented material.

·         Boys soccer team won the “A” Division championship

·         Oct 30 – Bishop Fabbro talked openly with the grade 5 and grade 6 classes, and answered questions that were presented by the students.  Well received presentation

·         Oct 31 – Spirit Assembly went well with slight technological difficulties

·         Nov 4 – ALL staff received EPI Pen training

  •   Enwin is to present on Nov 6 (Wednesday) to the entire school (grade appropriate presentations)
·         Nov 7 – Early Years Training all day, all ECE’s and teachers to attend

·         Nov 8 – IB program from Assumption will present to the Grade 8 students

·         Nov 11 – Muskoka Woods Presentation for grade 8 students (OLMC attends Muskoka in the springtime)

·         Nov 11 – Progress reports go home: Nov 13 – Interview night.   Teacher’s will send home interview request forms earlier to make scheduling easier.  JK/SK will have open concept classroom visits

·         Nov 18th – Grades 3-6 will attend a Numeracy Workshop

·         Nov 25th – Holy Names High School will present to grade 8 students re: Pathways for their academic success

·         Nov 27 – Holy Names High School will return to present to the grade 7 students re: Career choices, background, knowledge...

QUESTION : How do Parents get this Information?
ANSWER: Holy Name High School offers a Parent Information Night to give parents opportunity to see the high school pathway options.

·         Nov 28th – Immunizations (Hep B, HPV)

·         Busses at dismissal are now lined up in 2 staggered lines that reduces the amount of adults cutting through and prevents cars from exiting OLMC prior to the buses.  Seems to be safer and more efficient.  Mrs Coulson noted the 2 bell system is much better, safer and offers opportunity to get more “Classroom Housekeeping” completed

MIX UP – Oct 31, 14 kindergarten students missed a bus due to an assembly, rain and an Occasional Teacher in the class.  All was cleared with the parents and bus company.

Treasurer’s Report :Josie Zappa

A detailed Fiscal Statement was presented to the CSAC for the last year (as of July 31, 2013)

A detailed Halloween Social financial statement was presented.  A profit of $925.40 was made.  No reservation or deposit for the Ciociaro Club has been made (Often $500.00 deposit) at this point.  Members are looking into other venue locations at this time.

An October report was presented – Balance of $32 472.09 as of October 31, 2013-11-06

Chairperson Report

·         Emily asked how to spend the Canadian Tire Money from the house league containers.  CSAC decided to spend it on outdoor equipment – PASSED UNANIMOUSLY

·         Harvest Fresh Update – For the entire 2012-2013 year, $58 614 was spent on Harvest Fresh meals.  CSAC received $2920.00 back (%5)  CSAC will look into other options for the school in order to generate more income and provide new choices for our students

·         HARD STOP ON ALL MONEY ORDERS (PIZZA, HARVEST FRESH, ETC) WILL NOW BE ENFORCED (Special Exceptions  made for new students enrolling in OLMC)

Michelle Grineau asked CSAC to look at St Anne’s French Immersion School’s Blog.  The CSAC’s blog is much more detailed and we could use this as a model.

·         Kelley M brought forth magazines that are now posted on the blog. 

·         There is a parent committee within WECDSB that deals with grants, information, etc.  Positions are open (However, deadline was extended due to the fact that our meeting was now)

·         Halloween Social – 165 adults                     159 kids       We had many donations and a lot of help.  As brainstorming occurred to boost teacher participation, it was suggested to offer a gift certificate to spend in the classroom for best costumed teacher.  ALSO – EARLIER NOTIFICATION OF SOCIAL (perhaps in June).  Also – teacher’s may be invited after dinner to just drop in.  There needs to be some altercations to the flyer to include end time, DRY event, and student’s must be accompanied by an adult.  We made twice the amount of money on ticket/raffle.

Pizza Lunches – Michelle Grineau

·         2 stations throughout the school

·         Should run much smoother

·         A few complaints re: Warm Juice.  Juice has never been refrigerated so will continue to serve juice as is. 

·         Extra pizza will be served in the staff room

**  Craft Lunches will begin in January  **  Police Clearance is needed.  $20.00 with a letter from Mr Bellaire

It was suggested that grade reps should present themselves to the teachers that they are representing.  They should also have a clear understanding of what their role is.

By-Laws need to be reviewed and adapted to suit our needs.  This will be done in December


Our last Principal Profile was created in 2005.  All members are to submit ideas to Monica Corazza via email so she can compile a new profile for December.  Monica asked that all submissions be in by Nov 15, 2013

Fundraisers – School Fundraisers should reflect student Achievement if that is the priority of the Annual Learning Goal for OLMC.  Technology is the way that education is moving, more money will be given to this to “enrich learning”. 

Since many parents are unclear of how technology can support education, it was suggested that Mr Angus have an open concept library to show some of these apps that support education on the IPads that were purchased from CSAC during the parent-teacher interviews.  Mr Bellaire will look into this idea.

CSAC needs to identify main fundraisers and when they are happening – Are we to do separate fundraisers or a joint fundraiser with the school?

Sub-Committee may need to happen in order to gather information of different ideas.

Budget Issues – need to have a clear goal for money

·         As in previous years, CSAC may donate money to two different schools.  It was suggested to donate to new schools that have not received funding.  Some schools that are in need are:

*St . John’s, St Angela, St Jules, OLPH, Our Lady of Lourdes, *Immaculate (*= 2012 recipients)

A decision will be made in December

Meeting Brought to a close by Emily at 8:40 – Seconded by Monica Corazza at 8:40