Wednesday, 15 October 2014

O.L.M.C. Catholic School Advisory Council

Co-Chair - Emily Stramacchia
Co-Chair - Diane Luu
Secretary -   Monica Corazza
Treasurer – Lisa Lapico
Parent Rep- Candice Fader
Parent Rep- Lisa Saab
Parent Rep-Josephine Zappa
Parent Rep- Jennifer Pavao
Parent Rep- Melanie McArthur
Parent Rep- Claudia Armstrong

Meetings for 2014-2015 – Wednesdays at 6:00
Wednesday Oct 15, 2014                January 14th, 2015               April 8th, 2015
November 19th , 2014                      February 11th, 2015              May 20th, 2015
December NO MEETING                March NO MEETING

All parents are welcome to attend our council meetings!!!
Meetings are held in the school library.